Salesforce Insiders

Mobile-first web app to connect potential recruits with current Salesforce employees to learn what life is like at Salesforce.

The Salesforce Recruiting team created the Salesforce Insiders program as a platform to connect potential new hires with current Salesforce employees to learn what life is like working at Salesforce. The existing web interface was on a third party hosted platform and did not offer any level of personalization for the users. The back-end required a high level of manual effort to manage the Insiders and candidates.

We set out to create a mobile-first experience that would connect candidates with Insiders that were most relevant to them, and a desktop platform for managing the Insiders and Candidates.

User Research Synthesis

The Process

We conducted a series of research interviews with previous candidates who had participated in the Salesforce Insiders program as well as Insiders who regularly meet with candidates.

We gathered and organized the various insights collected during research and identified the opportunities for improvement related to each.

These formed the basis of many of the design decisions we made to shape the experience for candidates, volunteers, and program managers.

The key takeaway was that the new design would need to provide candidates with a dynamic matching system to search based on the parameters that mattered to them, and improve the automation on the backend management side in order to scale the app for wider use.

The new solution would be built on Salesforce Communities, so we involved the development team in the design process and review every step of the way. In addition to the dev team, we brought in stakeholders and end-users for formal and ad-hoc feedback as we analyzed different approaches to the design of the interface and workflow.

We chose a mobile-first design approach since candidates would be receiving a text message invitation in addition to the email invitation, which meant many users would be using a mobile device.

The Result

We proceeded to rapidly prototype and iterate through user flow and process diagrams, wireframes, and interactive prototypes. This approach allowed the design team to test our theories and concepts for validation from users and stakeholders, while communicating functionality clearly to the development team along the way.

Based on the research insights, we designed a dynamic matching system that would allow users to produce a list of Insiders who matched with any and all of their preferences, regardless of what was most important to them.

Candidates first define which categories are important to them, such as work environment, diversity, etc. Then they are presented with questions about the categories that matter to them so no time is wasted with questions that are irrelevant. Their answers pre-populate filters in the that can be edited after results are populated.

One of the main points of friction in the existing prototype solution was the process of booking a meeting. We designed a low-friction, automated process for checking availability, booking, rescheduling or canceling a meeting.

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